Social Responsibility

Supply Chain Relations

Basic Thought of Purchase

COPAL considers it is important to establish, live together in mutual prosperity relation in base to have strong reliance relation with supplier. It is necessary to have a cooperation with supplier to develop and produce new product. Take it as premise, we strengthen the relationship to endeavor fair and impartially purchasing activity.

Thoroughgoing Trade Guide of Material and Purchase

■Fair Trade which Observing Law and Ordinance

COPAL efforts to participate outside seminar, operation of internal education, system construction, and opening the explanatory meeting for purchase charger and related department. It is widely to know the law observation, for thoroughness the antitrust law and observation of sub contract related to laws of purchase and material

■Effort of Impartially and Fair Purchase

COPAL opens part and material supply in website. We made it easy to make a contact with various suppliers about material questions.

■Selection Policy of Suppliers

COPAL is selecting the suppliers with synthetic judgment through stable management base, management by law observation, consideration to environment, quality secure, steady supply, exquisite technique ability, obey of specified delivery, respect to intellectual property, protect of reasonable information, and proper cost.

■Strengthen relationship with suppliers

COPAL constructs reliable relationship between suppliers and endeavors to strength this relationship.

Dialogue with Suppliers

To have strong tie and certain relationship between suppliers, we open “Group New Year Greeting” once in a year and “Policy Explanatory Meeting” in each business establishment. In this meeting, we request to effort development, quality, environment, etc… and have deep communication. Also, we open to have active approach to group companies.