Social Responsibility

Association With Employees

Personnel System and Employee Education

Personnel System

There is a basic policy “enterprise and organization are made by human” in personnel system. One of our company’s promotion, “contribution to society and prosperity of all employee and company” accords to basic policy. We aim to have personnel system organization and working environment which all employee effort their job drive lively. 

Wages System and Target Interview System

Wages system of COPAL is aiming the correct assess and reward to profit contributed person by the base of ability and result principle through going competition theory. Therefore, we consider employees to clear the aim and expectation to effort ambitiously by having conscious which there job is for them.
Accordingly, COPAL operates the interview for superior and subordinate twice a year (first of period and mid of period), as for Target Interview System. This is not a superior gives and distributes the job one sided to subordinate, but it is matching the people’s own career vision, raising the theme participate to department subject, raise of talented people, construction of reliance relation, and activation of communication.

Employee Education

◆Education Target

(1)Contribute the company’s permanent development by recognizing enterprise’s principle correctly and raising personality, also with raising talented people which contribute to the society.
(2)Educate the knowledge and skill to employee intentionally to accomplish his/her duty and achieve the target of company to stimulate self-enlightenment. From that we raise self-development which has knowledge that achieves the enterprise target, skill, judgment, and planning ability.
(3)Raising the talented people which can understand fully the company’s policy and fulfilled practice ability of correspond to the change of management surrounding.

◆Base of Education Policy
(1)Our company’s education is based on the self-development and OJT(on the job training).To support it, positioning Off-JT(off the job training).

  1:On the Job Training(OJT)
   OJT is based on our company’s policy and long term subject, which giving the problem conscious on job to subordinates or juniors by superiors or senior and guide to effort a problem solving through jobs. Also we intentionally raise education of knowledge, skill manner necessity for employment intentionally. Immediate manager needs to make OJT plan. The report of recognition of actual achievement is needed to hand in to responsible person in personnel department.

  2:Off the Job Training(OFF-JT)
  Off-JT is the assembled education for supporting OJT. This is not related to type of jobs but intended to specific level. It roughly divided to aiming the ability development and self-development to each level education. Also aiming the special knowledge and practical business affair knowledge acquire in for each jobs. Each level education is roughly divided into two types. One is for promoted intern which hold in specific certification promotion time. The other one is the selected intern which is hold for talented people in expected for specific levels action from now on.

  3:Aiding System
  The base of employee education is expected in big result through the employer's attitude for each employee learns oneself by self-development. Company operates necessity measures for supporting the development for each employee's self-development motivation.

◆Education System

Stratified Education By Occupation Education Selected Education
*Director Candidate intern 
*Management exccutive candidate intern
*Sales intern
*Development intern
*Engineer intern 
*International intern
 (for international duty)
*Correspondence course  
Manager *Newly general manager intern
*General manager candidate intern
*Newly manager intern

*Manager candidate intern
*Newly sub-superintendant intern
*OJT charge intern

*Step up intern
*Newly employee follow up intern
*Newly employee before entering intern

Safety, Health and Protection against Natural Disasters

Management for safety and health activity

For COPAL's management of safety and health activity established "Labor's safety hygiene control regulation" and "Safety and Health Committee Regulation". Safety hygiene committee of each business seat become the center, and endeavor to prevent the accident of labor disaster through enforcing "Holding of Safety and Health committee" and "Safety and Health Intern" according to ordinance.
 Also the health maintenance increases in employee. We have annual periodic medical examination and the others such as, stomach cancer, abdominal supersonic wave cancer, breast cancer, large intestine cancer, prostate gland cancer, gynecologist examination etc. It sponsored by health insurance union.
 For mental health measure, concerning privacy employee, endeavor to decrease "health effect risk relates to stress" through the education of "interview of industrial doctor", "Care by line (control supervisor)", and "Self care".

◆Safety and health measurement(2011)

Number of times remarks
Safety and health committee   12 times       
Training of safety and health 1 time
Training of self care 1 times

Protection Against Natural Disaster

COPAL sets up the "Protection against natural disaster committee". Also opens "Fire protection and protection against natural disaster course", operating "Fire drill", and "extinguish a fire handle training" for aiming to attempt to protect till the limit of damage of fire, earthquake, and the other prevention of disaster and safe of human being. We endeavor to construct risk management system.