Social Responsibility

Customer Relations

Quality policy

Copal and its group companies obtain certification of international quality standard, ISO9001:2008 and makes constant efforts for quality improvement under the quality policy described below.



Quality policy

[Number one priority is Quality and Customer]
This is the basic philosophy of the company.
The top priority is to always maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

  • 1. To secure adaptaion of product requirement including the requirement of customers, best utilize and continuously improve quality management system as business tool.
  • 2. Set Quality Goal when establishing annual business plan. Execute business using the Quality Goal as quality guideline and review the progress during the term.
  • 3. Respond to the trust of cusmomers and society by complying with applicable laws and regulations for the business and by providing reliable products and services.
  • 4. Quality Policy shall be conveyed and educated to all members through every available means of internal communication.

*Review Quality Policy periodically in order to maintain its appropriateness considering social trend and variation in business activity.



■ Strengthen of Quality Management System

Effort of Education and Training

Effort of Education and Training
Effort Outline In Charge Department
Education of QC Technique To draw on quality control statistical skills such as QC 7 tools, conduct to Development/Sales (upper quality), Engineer/Quality/Manufacturing (lower quality) departments. Quality Control Department
Promote Action of Correspondence course Quality control, cost down, professional engineering field, language, business skill, qualification acquisition, general education and others. Personnel Department
QMS internal audit skill upgrade course OJT and Course which audit technique based on “Guide Line of ISO 19011 QMS EMS Audit”. Quality Control Department
“Quality Worker”
“Quality Company”
“Quality Products”
Each person corresponds with the attitude of great importance to quality control and customer. It is the origin of raising “Human Capacity”, by advancing business improve and reform.
Quality Control Department

All menber
Quality patrol We patrolling the manufacturing line everyday to prevent the occurrence of disqualification and aiming elevation of the workers quality consciousness. Each manufacturing base's QA department
Business audit 
(Development, Engineer, QA, and Manufacturing)
Operates business audit adjusted to each business. Abstracts the improvement point merged into internal audit of QMS and examination of examination system connect to improving activity. Quality Control Department
ISO Secretary
Each manufacturing base’s QA department
Establishment of “Quality Annual Report”
Data base of improvement case
Make the tool to utilize the past improvement case periodically, speeding up the improving action and practice the raise of problem solving capacity by enforce the real time renew Quality Control Development



"3Q6S Activity"

COPAL is working to raise the service, improvement of products, and fulfillment by making “Customer No.1 Principle” as the basic idea of management. We monthly open “3Q6S Activity” which effort all company unites, domestic and overseas. The president becomes the promoting chairman and repeats the detail check in each base.


Action Policy

There is “Big 5 items plus 2” management in Copal. They are “quality, material cost, stock, expense, bill, idle assets”. We assign it to each base of department and effort the day and night improving activity by setting the target clearly. The result of day accumulate, it is possible to supply the products with customers satisfaction.


Correspondence to Customers

As for intense market change of precision industry business, COPAL is demanding each customer"Needs" all the time. It aims to supply satisfied products. The front-line sales people draw out the "Wants2 from every customer, and help to build up the new products with customers. Of course we respond to customer’s demand by making the motto as product's "Quality", "Cost" and "Delivery" and as, "Three S (Speed, Service, and Discrimination)". It constructs us to be the steady position of international No.1 shutter maker of camera as a result. "Customer No.1 Principle" is "the basic idea of management = realization of products which customers demand". It is the provided appointed task to Copal's sales people.