Social Responsibility

Relationship With Local Communities

Sports Support

COPAL has made a sponsor conclude with “Nidec Sankyo Skating Team” since April, 2004.Moreover, we have established “Skating Campaign Club” and have been looking for club members. We also made agreements with Nidec group companies and continue to support Nidec Sankyo Skating Team.

Blood Donation Campaign Promotion

COPAL has come through the requests for blood donation campaign from Red Cross for a long time. These days, the needs for chemotherapies and blood transfusions rise more and more. We strongly believe working together on this promotion. We could contribute to social volunteer activities in order to save precious lives.

Community Cleaning Up Activity

COPAL aims to be a company which ingrains to a community. To do so, we clean not only our companies and factories regularly, but also we clean up around company places. We support the community beautification campaign and environmental preservation.

Koriyama technical center

Shiojiri factory

Niigata factory

Accepting Factory Open House and Internship

We take factory open house and internship in grasp to have a communication basis between company and society. We accept these activities often, especially on factory open house for neighborhood elementary school and internship for junior high school students and high school students.

Factory tour for elementary school students

High school student internship