Environmental Approach

The enviroment chater and promotion system

First of all

Taking a look at how we deal with the environmental issues in our social circumstance, problem of global warming growing in to seriously. The country and the industrial community need to work cooperatively to consult on the rapid countermeasure. We also have to settle many problems.
 Tor example, food, water, energy, biotic diversity, and acid rain, etc… Thinking by the angle of "Sustainable Development of Mankind", we need to think global warming as one of the various problems which we have encountered. It may be misjudge the essence by closing up only to global warming.And yet, accelerated pace of global warming advance is undeniable truth. The countermeasure of this problem can not be waited. 
 Advanced countries are needed to reach the numerical target for greenhouse gas reduction which has determined in Kyoto within 5 years. 
 Target of Japan is 6% carbon dioxide reduction by comparing with the standard in 1990. In fact, it is far from the target in 2006 since the greenhouse gas increased 6.4%. However, we must defeat the present stage and overcome the difficulty to make the numerical target become true. We have to take our responsibilities as an advanced country. 
 The summit conference which held on Italy, July 2009, 8 countries from developed countries assumed and agreed to reduce 80% of emission of greenhouse effect gases by 2050. However, the benchmark year of reduction has not decided yet.
 Combining with these situations, the active conduct of business which considered the environment came to be requested further. Needless to say, reducing industrial wastes and recycle activities are necessary. Developing the product that has less influence on the environment, at the same time, through our ordinary business, working on decreasing the environmental load are one of our social duties that companies have to carry out. It is impossible to solve the global issue which is the environmental preservation by an individual, a company or a country separately. Therefore, it is essential which each of us recognize the environmental issues deeply on each situation. What is more, it appears that we surely take actions after thinking seriously what we should do and can do for it. We also hope that our individual actions would influence by companies to family and by  family to neighborhood.

The Enviroment Chater

The Environment Philosophy

We recognize keeping the earth environment would be the contribution toward the world prosperity and people’s happiness. We also strive toward economic growth and the balance of the environment in our every production activities. Moreover, we take actions for the realization of the sustainable rotation society.

Basic Principle

 1.We endeavor to protect environment by reducing waste product and minimizing environmental load in each business activity. 
 2.We provide the product which have considered about resource saving, energy conservation, and recycling in each product’s developing and designing section. 
 3.We follow the law, the rule and the ordinance which are related to environment. We move with our earth by enforcing further environment conservation. 
 4.We follow the law and the ordinate of atmosphere, water and soil. We enforce for promotion and protection of grew. Also we keep up the clean earth environment. 
 5.We establish the self-baseline and always enforce for managing continuous improvement and maintenance about environmental load. 
 6.We develop the environment security action and enforce for prevention of global warming by business activity. These actions are done through product life cycle by each product’s development, designing, producing, sale and abolishment. 
 7.We work on education and enlightenment activity by company-wide to raise the conscious of environment conservation in each employee.

The Environment Purpose

  1.To reduce the nature destruction and the influence for the ecosystem, we have set up the strict office standard and observe it. It exceeds the law, the rule, the international ordinance and the city regulation.
  2.In every step of the active conduct of business, we execute necessary provisions. These are based on the scientific evaluation and the examination for the environment. 
  3.In the production activity, we conduct the excellent processing technology for the resource. We develop the process technology and manufacture equipment for distinguished energy efficiency. What is more, we plan to reduce all the proposals of the raw material and the chemical in every process.
  4.We improve the consumptive efficiency for electricity and fossil fuel and introduce “The Top Runner Method” actively. In addition, we perform the radical energy-saving activity and promote preventive measures against the global warming.
  5.We try to buy productive materials that are excellent in resource-saving and re-productivity. At the same time, we establish the recycle system for drainages and complete the effective use of recourses. We encourage harmless wastes and fewer wastes, too.
  6.We make our effort for research and development. It is for the product that would contribute to earth environment. At the same time, we work on popularization and expansion of its movement.
  7.We advance the tree-planting campaign actively. Moreover, we practice the environment maintenance, so that we are abundant in trees and have elegant and comfortable environment.

Development of The Environmental Management System

All Nidec Copal group, including both domestic and oversea companies, exploit the environmental management system that standardized of ISO14001 to protect the earth environment. 
The President supervises the propulsion system, and promotion supervisors will be managers in each office and factory. They are responsible for the environmental activity management and business management. We all encourage the efficient environmental management. On each branch and factory, we evolve a specific plans and policies and continue to work on these issues.

The Environment Audit

Nidec Copal audits the appropriate environmental management system. We also grasp and confirm the management situation for the environment in each office and factory. Furthermore, we carry on our suppliers’ environmental audit in order to confirm the application management. To control the environmental management materials, we use the environmental management system.

External audit


Opening meeting            Document audit


 Field audit                Closing meeting

The Environmental Education

As an example of the education for different stratum, the new recruits go through the training which relates to the environment management. In this way, we in fact practice it in each office. 
For another example of the educational trainings for different profession, we promote the auditor education for the internal audit of the environmental management system.

management substances [Head office]

The total members who have taken in the internal audit educations in domestic office and factory are 90 people. We will strongly put our effort on increasing the members and improvement.