Environmental Approach

Environmental Classes And Manufacturing Workshop

Effort for Reducting Environment Road

Copal consults on reducing the load which affects the global environment through business activity. On this page, from 3 points of view, prevention of global warming, control of chemical material, and effective utilization of resource, we are promoting by setting the aims of correspondence in reduction of environmental load in each business places and factories through business activity. Also, Rationalization in Energy Use Law has revised that object changed from business places and factories units each to employer unit each.

Work on Air Pollution Prevention and Water Pollution Prevention

Natural environment and ecosystem are effected by discharge of environmental pollute product from the see, air, and soil. COPAL is organizing decreasing activity of pollutant from the past.We set the base of “Environment Control Base of Each Business Establishment” as same or strict value than law or public regulation and thoroughgoing the control. 

(Taking measure for prevention of water pollution)
COPAL enforces the gross weight regulation for draining of product which settled by law of prevention of water pollution as item of “Related to Human’s Health Protection”. We strengthen the control of draining of discharge from each business establishment, and work on the decrease environmental load to rivers.

Koriyama Technical Center Effluent Treatment Facility

Evaluation item of load

Copal contributes to solve the global assignment, reducing 60%~80% of greenhouse effect gas compare to 1990, and aiming to reduce 50% of greenhouse effect gas in global wide by 2050.The greenhouse effect gas which discharge through business activity, is not only CO2 based on energy roots that discharge by usage of electricity and fuel. There are also CO2 which discharge through greenhouse effect gas and commodity distribution, not only by manufacturing process. In each business places, we consult to reduce all over greenhouse effect gas discharged through business activity by fixing reduction aims.

Carbon dioxide discharge amout(All domestic business establishment)
Year 2015 2016 2017
Discharge Amount(t) 10,850 12,040 12,696

Work for Energy Saving

The effect occurs to global worming through the progress of energy consumption magnificence. It is the common theme for world humankind to utilize effectively the limited energy resource in industrial activity, too. COPAL settled the reducing target in each business establishment and working for promoting activity.

Electric power charge(All domestic business establishment)
Year 2015 2016 2017
Charge Amount(1000Kwh) 17,525 19,661 19,354

Fuel Charge(All domestic business establishment)
Year 2015 2016 2017
Charge Amount(kl) 4,944 5,532 5,387

Work on the Reduction of Wastes and Recycling

The businessman need to work on the following subjects; reduction of wastes and resource circulation. They are discharged from manufacturing activity. COPAL is working on recycling actively and thoroughgoing on operating prudent and gauging. Also, we promote the reduction of wastes and resource circulation through another domestic and oversea business establishment’s action.

Factory Wastes(All domestic business establishment)
Year 2015 2016 2017
Discharge Amount(t) 579 567 610
Recycle(t) 540 531 583

Water usage(All domestic business establishment)
Year 2015 2016 2017
Usage Amount(t) 359 404 453

We work on not only for the discharge but also for the occurrence for the wastes of the wastes of “Industrial Wastes”, “General Wastes”, and “Valuables”.