Green Procurement

Work on Chemical Substances Contained Product

The law regulation and social request for chemical substances contained product are becoming strongly. Nidec Copal is strengthen the control of chemical substances contained product to correspond rapidly and accurately for customers required matter or auditor's request for this. 
From Jun. 2007, Europe has executed new chemical material regulation, REACH for registration or notification of not only for new chemical material, but also for several tens of thousands chemical material. Nidec Copal has go forwarding the company structure for adjustmen and correspondence. We regard correspondence to this regulation is the business that the whole industry needs to consult on. The wide range of distributing information through upstream company such as chemical material maker or parts maker to downstream company such as set makers is needed. We properly control the information which contains chemical material information in parts and manufactures. Also, we promote the specific mechanism building for smoothly disclose and communication in supply chains. 
※REACH regulation・・・The new EU regulation which lay down the registration, evaluation, permission, limitation etc. to importing and prepared chemical material in EU.

Effort with Nidec Copal Green Supply

Nidec Copal establishes "Green Supply Guideline" to promote the environment protect activity in all supply chain which include the material purchasing customers. We endeavor to supply the materials that considered about environment and request cooperation to customers which based on "Green Supply Guideline".


Green Procurement Standards
(Japanese version)


Annex for environmental
management substances
(Japanese version)


Certificate of non-inclusion of
environmental management
aubstances(Japanese version)



Evaluation of product itself

Based on the "Green Supply Guideline", Nidec Copal is requesting the active work to the delivered products from customer. Especially for "anti-containment of chemical products", we proceed it by request of customer's great understanding and cooperation for reporting the not-using guarantee and construction ingredient list.


Audit System

To verify the anti-containment of prohibition usage products, we introduce fluorescence X-ray analysis equipment in domestic and oversea product position and analyzing the parts. The analysis of fluorescence X-ray analysis equipment is simplified type. If we find  extraordinary part, we analyze in detail to have verification of parts.