CEO's Message

Nidec group founder, Nidec Corp., Chairman

代表取締役会長兼社長 CEO 永守 重信の写真です。

Nidec has a clear edge over its competitiors in possessing the world's highest level of technology,development capabilities ,and productivity.

But what's even more important than these things is a film conviction to overcome all hardships and create something out of nothing. The true strength of Copal and Nidec group of companies is the pride of striving to be the world's number 1 company.

We will continue to create synergies among our group companies based on their close and film business ties, make better-quality products, provide our customers with new values.


Nidec group founder 


Chairman, President


Chairman Hiroyuki Yoshimoto
(Nidec corp., President and COO)
President(CEO) Masakazu Wada


Since its founding in 1949, Copal has grown with the high-level Japanese camera industry and is now the top global camera shutter manufacturer. Copal has diversified its business and advanced dramatically as a precision equipment manufacturer in fields ranging from microcomponents to large-scale system equipment based on the most advanced optomechatronic technology.
 In 1998, with capital participation from Nidec Corporation, the world’s No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer, Copal organized a strong, flexible operating base, demonstrating synergy with Nidec Group companies and targeting greater growth and development. Our mission and meaning is to contribute to society by providing customers with technology and products that aid them and meet their needs. We act as a true partner in aiding and assisting customers, directing corporate activities toward this creation of value and advancing toward higher goals. We look forward to your ongoing cooperation and support.


Chairman Hiroyuki Yoshimoto(Nidec corp.,President and COO)
President(CEO) Masakazu Wada