System Devices


We created high performance coreless motor by re-investigating the design of coil and magnetic circuit as well as by utilizing our high precision processing technology and internal processing technology.  Features include small diameter, high torque, zero cogging, high speed response, low speed drive and long life.  It can be custom designed.


●Small size/High torque

Torque performance of a cored motor two ranks higher by our original magnetic circuit design.(Compared with Copal cored motor)


Accurate controllability realized by zero-cogging due to coreless structure.

●Quick response

Low rotor inertia enables excellent response. Able to satisfy requests for hi-speed devices.

●Low speed drive

Able to control at a wide speed range due to low starting voltage.

●Long life

Less abrasion to the brush due to low surge voltage.(Compared with Copal cored motor)


Able to offer an even advanced unit by adding our in-house gear to the motor.


LS8-001A(Φ8) Main use:Camera interchangeable lens, Servo for radio controlled toys, Mirror less interchangeable-lens camera, and more.

LS12-003A(Φ12) Primary use:DSLR, Automobile transmission (Derailleur), and more.


LS12-003B(Φ12) Main use:Industrial equipment, Laborsaving gear, Robots, and more.

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