Copal is developing products meeting users' specialized needs from mobile phones and humanoid robots to FA equipment. Our product keys are compactness, high power, high accuracy, high response, low energy consumption, and long life. The market for the compact, high-performance motors with low environmental load is growing, with Copal as a leading manufacturer.
Vibration motors Stepping motors
Copal is a top world manufacturer of vibration motors for mobile phones, providing product series ranging from ultramini cylindrical to low-back coin motors, expanding applications to game machines and toys. Stepping motors Stepping motors act as actuators for optical equipment, information and communication equipment, and AV machines. Copal provides ultramini stepping motors maintaining high responsiveness and accuracy. These motors operate effectively in BD units.
Fan motors
Copal has developed silent compact fans with low vibration and high air capacity, thanks to proprietary impeller and frame design. Fan motors operate in car navigation systems, digital video cameras, etc.
Silent geared motors
Silent geared motors driving digital camera zoom lenses cut motor noise during video recording to extremely low levels. The noise reduction obtained through Copal's material technology and structural technology has earned a high reputation among customers.
Multifunction hybrid motors Coreless Motor
Integration of sensors and gears with motors has optimized performance and reduced space matching applications and specifications. Motors are already widely used in fields such as FA equipment, AV equipment, medical appliances, and household facilities. High torque Coreless Motor featured with high responsiveness and wide control range (low starting voltage) realized by its low inertia characteristics.
Nidec Copal Coreless Motor may be used in a wide range of applications such as shutter charging and mirror charging for SLR camera as well as in various types of industrial equipments and medical equipments.
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High power moter system
By combining unique technologies of motor, inverter and control software, the Power-assisted Bike System developed by Nidec Copal achieved a high level of performance. Nidec Copal Power-assisted Bike System meets the diversified needs of users.
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