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1946 * Manufacturing of shutters started as a small-scale business in Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
1949 * Operation was reorganized as the Copal Koki Co., Ltd. specializing in the manufacture of camera shutters. Capitalization: 600,000 yen.
1954 * Head office and main plant moved to Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
1955 * Belt conveyor system was employed for assembling shutters.
1958 * Osaka Sales Office was opened.
1960 * Okochi Award for improvements in camera lens shutters and for mass production of ultra-precision products.
1961 * Listed on Second Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange.
* Big Ten New Products Award from Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Nikkan Industrial News) for Copal Square Shutter.
* Akashi Memorial Reward from Precision Machinery Institute for development, design, and manufacture of Copal Square Shutter.
* Practical Invention Award from Japan Invention Association for shutter speed control device.
* Award from Ministry of International Trade and Industry for industrial standardization.
1962 * Changed company name to Copal Co., Ltd.
1963 * Copal Precision Co., Ltd. (currently Koriyama Factory) began operations in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.
1965 * Blue Ribbon Medal for contribution to the camera industry by improving shutter production technology. Awarded again in 1974.
1967 * Award from Mainichi Newspapers for digital clock design.
* Copal Optical Co., Ltd. (currently Shiojiri Factory) was established in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture.
1969 * Muikamachi Precision Co., Ltd. (currently Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.)
was established in Muikamachi, Niigata Prefecture.
1970 * Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako visited Copal Precision Co., Ltd. (currently Nidec Copal Corp. Koriyama Factory).
* Copal R&D Laboratory Co., Ltd. was established.
1971 * Listed on First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1972 * Ichinoseki Copal Co., Ltd. (currently Nidec Copal Corp. Ichinoseki Plant) was established in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture.
1978 * Merged with Copal Precision Co., Ltd.
1984 * Merged with 5 manufacturing subsidiaries.(Copal Opto-sonic Co., Copal Optical Co., Muikamachi Copal Co., Ichinoseki Copal Co., and Musashino Copal Co.).
* Entered into capital tie-up with Fujitsu Limited.
1987 * Copal Precision Parts Co., Ltd. (currently Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.) was established.
1988 * Entered into capital participation arrangement with Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Copal Division).
1991 * Copal Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., (currently Nidec Copal (Malaysia) Sdn. Bnd.) was established in Malaysia.
1997 * Participated in management of Precision Engineered Components Corp. in the Philippines (currently Nidec Copal Philippines Corp.)
1998 * Nidec Corp. became the largest stockholder of company and joined the Nidec Group.
* Director of the Science and Technology Agency Award for long years of contribution to the camera industry by developing focal plane shutters for cameras.
* Copal Optical and Electronic Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai.
1999 * Nidec Copal (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established in Vietnam.
* Changed name to Nidec Copal Corp.
2000 * Fujitsu (Thailand) Copal Division, becoming independent as Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. built a new plant and started operations.
* Nidec Copal (U.S.A.) Corp. was established as the sales company of electronic and precision components.
* Nidec Copal (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established as the international materials procurement company.
2001 * Nidec Copal GmbH was established as the sales company of electronic and precision components in Europe.
* Purple Ribbon Medal in Spring for contribution to the development of focal plane shutters for cameras.
* Nidec Copal (Zhejiang) Corp. established in China.
2003 * Copal Yamada Corp. was established.
2006 * New factory for processing and assembling large parts at the Shiojiri Factory site.
2007 * Fourth new factory established at the Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co.,
2008 * Copal Yamada Vietnam Corporation established.
* Technical Center for Machining built on Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.
2010 Nidec Copal Precision(Vietnam) Corporation was established.
2011 * Nidec Copal (Hong kong) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Representative office was established.
2012 * Nidec Copal Precision Parts Corporation
changed name to Niigata Nidec Copal Corp.
2013 * The new company building completed.
* Became a wholly owned
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